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Development Density and Property Land Values

Although there are sometimes opportunities to buy and “flip” raw land, most Arizona land investors, myself included, are operating under the conviction that the land they purchase will appreciate substantially while they hold it. The majority of my land investments follow the simple strategy of buying now and

Smart Ways to Make Money with Land - Part 2

6 Ways to Make Money with Land – Part 2

My last article outlined three fairly simple ways to make money from Land. The idea was to illustrate how a fairly typical but strategic land purchase can create strong investment returns without requiring complicated maneuvers. Property Investment Strategies We looked at three simple strategies: Do nothin

make money with land

6 Ways to Make Money with Land – Part 1

Arizona Land Partners looks at 6 smart ways to make money with land: Do nothing (hold it). Split larger pieces into smaller pieces Buy for cash, sell on terms. Land Entitlement. Profit Share with a builder. Assembling land. Three Simpler Ways People often ask me, “What is it you actually


Anatomy of a Land Deal – How to Find Off-Market Development Land for Sale

Land investors have fundamentally different goals from end-users of land. End users have a specific purpose in mind: To build a subdivision, or a commercial center, to grow crops, etc.. The price an end-user can pay falls out of calculations related to the productive value their particular business use places on t

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Buying Land in the Path of Growth: Pinal County

I’ve had great success following the advice of my longtime friend, and now business partner, Kevin Petersen, who once recommended I use a simple land investment strategy: Study the growth patterns of the Phoenix area, then shop for deals ahead of and in the path of the growth. That formula is so simple I’m alm

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