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6 Ways to Make Money with Land – Part 1

Arizona Land Partners looks at 6 smart ways to make money with land: Do nothing (hold it). Split larger pieces into smaller pieces Buy for cash, sell on terms. Land Entitl

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Anatomy of a Land Deal – How to Find Off-Market Development Land for Sale

Land investors have fundamentally different goals from end-users of land. End users have a specific purpose in mind: To build a subdivision, or a commercial center, to grow crops, etc..

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Buying Land in the Path of Growth: Pinal County

I?ve had great success following the advice of my longtime friend, and now business partner, Kevin Petersen, who once recommended I use a simple land investment strategy: Study the grow

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Arizona Opportunity Zones

The local real estate press has recently been abuzz about the newly designated Opportunity Zones in Arizona. This is a federal program that allows state governors to nominate specific C

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Sell Your Rental Portfolio and Invest in Land

Investing in land was a radical decision I made last year.  I decided to sell the rental portfolio that I have been building for the last 28 years and move the equity into land. In

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Investing in Real Estate with Self-Directed Retirement Funds

Most everyone is intrigued by the strong, double-digit returns that strategic land investing so regularly provides. When investors review the returns our past deals have given they are

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The Difference Between Inflation and Appreciation

These two terms are often used interchangeably when discussing real estate investments. Though they are clearly related, I use them to refer to distinct and separate concepts. What is

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Land for Sale

Buying Land at Below Market Prices

You?ve probably heard that successful real estate investing is all about ?buying right?. Buying right in a land investment comes down to two different considerations of a purchase:

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Whats Your Home Worth?

Who Determines What a House is Worth?

We?ve all experience the long term trend of rising real estate values, most typically in the price of our homes. And while there are some notable exceptions, we?ve come to expect that t

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