Shovel Ready 1-Acre Lots Land for Sale Casa Grande, AZ

What: Mountain Vista Ranch, 33 Improved 1-Acre Lots in Casa Grande, AZ Who: We at Arizona Land Partners are soliciting funding partner(s) to fund this purchase in order to hold and potentially build out each of these 33 lots. We are able to split these lots up in any manner necessary and prudent, depending on an investor’s capital resources. We can’t pool funds from all interested investors into a single purchasing entity, but we can divide the lots up so multiple investors could purchase various portions. This would allow investors to  cooperate in a buildout strategy. Price: Our basis in the property is $36,000 per lot, as of the time of purchase, plus a couple thousand per lot to improve the asphalt and pull the electric. Profit Split: We offer to our funding partners a 10% simple annual preferred return with the remaining profits to be split 50/50. That is, the distribution of proceeds upon resale would be in the order of the following three priorities:
    1. Return of principal capital investment to the funding partner
    2. Distribution of 10% simple annualized interest as a preferred return to the funding partner
    3. Remaining proceeds split 50% to the funding partner and 50% to the management team

Why this project is so attractive:

  1. We now control the large lot market in Casa Grande. With this contract, we have secured the last 1-acre improved lots for sale available as a bulk purchase in Casa Grande Arizona.Small builders can still find single lots scattered throughout, and there’s a large inventory of small lots. However, there remains no inventory of 1 or 1/2 acre lots that can be purchased in bulk. The process to add new lot inventory is tedious and expensive.We don’t expect to see new large lot subdivision for years. That means existing lots will have a lot of upward price pressure. Production builders are beginning to contact us, as they’re looking to build or partner on our improved lot inventory.
  2. Market demand is strong. We currently control two other subdivisions of large lots in Casa Grande, both nearby this project: Arroyo Verde Estates and the remaining lots in Chaparral Estates.We’ve recently built four homes on these sites, and have two more in process. The market demand has been outstanding. Obviously, that activity and the market feedback we’ve received has led us to purchase the 33 additional 1-acre lots in Mountain Vista Ranch. Land for Sale Casa Grande, AZ
  3. The price we’ve paid for these lots is roughly equal to what it would cost, per lot, to improve the raw dirt. That is, you couldn’t reproduce our per-lot price for anywhere near our purchase price. Further, we believe the value of these lots is about to be established based on our construction activity at Arroyo and Chaparral at $85,000.00 each, and we expect that value to climb to over $100,000 each over the next couple years.We’re not just pulling that number out of the air. It’s based on the market feedback we’re getting on the homes we’ve built and have either recently sold or have under contract. Obviously, no one knows the future, but we’re confident that we’re making a good bet at our purchase price.
What to do next: Review this website to learn more about us, our experience and market depth. Then don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional questions at 602.786.5277. I can give you more details about why this opportunity is so special!